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Feb 2016/ Maritime Security Training in Oman


OGI wins subcontract to provide Small Boats Handling Course, Advanced Small Boats Handling, and Boats Handling Curriculum Development and Instructor Training to the Omani Coast Guard.  The OGI instructor team to delivered a five day Small Boat Handling Course in Oman, familiarizing the Omani Coast Guard with procedures to be followed for the safe and effective operation of small boats (less than 50ft/15m in length).  The instructors explained how to establish job-oriented skill requirements for boat crew personnel, with topics that include boat crew responsibilities, risk management, deck seamanship, preventative maintenance systems, engineering logs, records, budgeting, and finance.  The course imparted new skills on Omani coast guard and border officials, allowing them to interdict vessels potentially engaged in illicit trafficking.  OGI Instructors taught basic boat handling techniques, basic chart identification and plotting, and methods to respond to a variety of basic engineering problems.  The instructors also demonstrated rapid and effective techniques to respond to man-overboard situations. The course also emphasized development of team proficiency through the conduct of simulated problems and includes presentations and practical exercises on the following: basic boat handling and engine maintenance; preparation and safety; slow and fast speed boating maneuvers; anchoring, search patterns, handling of waves and man overboard procedures; navigation, GPS, and towing skills; as well as practical training on component identification, electrical theory on ignition systems, starting, charging, cooling, and lubrication systems.

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