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Sept 2013/ Philippine Maritime Security Council consulting on protection and surveillance of capital ports, EEZ, and territorial waters


CEO Alan Oshirak briefs the Philippine Maritime Security Council, formed by President Aquino in 2012, on maritime security, safety, port and vessel traffic management schemes, and maritime domain awareness. The Philippine Maritime Security Council consisted of representatives from the Philippine Navy, Coast Guard, Harbor Police, Transportation, and Port Control agencies. Briefings and extensive coordination with Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs and former Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Danilo Cortez were also conducted. Maritime Domain awareness briefings, ranging across the stakeholders, were presented and discussed to leverage existing coastal watch stations, command networks, and land and sea based radar networks to enhance awareness of Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone and territorial water monitoring. Captain Oshirak also advised VADM Isorena, Philippine Coast Guard Commandant, on Chinese incursions into Philippine exclusive economic zones as well as smuggling and poaching concerns.

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